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the experience of being understood



Communicating effectively and clearly is creation because, not only does it transfer information, but it creates an experience in others. This is why authentic communication has the power to transform both the listener and the speaker. The mastery of effective communication is learnable and obtainable by all. For most people, communication in their daily lives is more frustrating than rewarding. The reason for this is the lack of an adequate communication model: in fact, most people, regardless of their professional position and culture, communicate based on their own matrix, then on past and acquired programming. This course analyzes three essential elements of communication, such as: the context, the emotion, the intent.


 In personal or professional relationships, effective communication is hindered by communications withheld: when information is withheld, it means that thoughts are not expressed, this causes resentment and distance. This is the primary cause of compromised performance and the (more often) degeneration of relationships.




* Creating affinities, that is to say, a reduction in the distance between two people communicating;

* Treat retained communications and learn non-destructive ways to express them;

 * Increase clarity in communication, namely the ability to know precisely what is being created;

 * Learn to precisely duplicate information to prevent someone from leaving the communication scene with a different understanding of what has been said;

* Become able to get attention when it is due.





60 pages manual + guided visualization kit.

Participants will be involved in emotional awareness exercises, couple dynamics and group, practical communication exercises and sharing.