Training: Life’s Specializations



"This training is an adventure, a leap into a new dimension of life. These experiences will guide you towards a greater awareness of your vitality, creativity, passion and love. The goal is to provide you with the tools you need to manage

at best your possibilities. Whatever your problem, your purpose or your challenge is, Life Skills courses/seminars will help you find the solution in yourself ".





• New Specializations for Life

• Self-esteem and clarity

• Effective and Clear Communication

• Accuracy and Leadership

• Ability and Creativity in facing the challenges of life

• The objectives are transformed into Concrete Results

• Best Quality in intimate and professional relationships

• Stress Reduction, Increased Productivity

• Ability to work from one's heart for personal good

• Success and Mastery

• Significant transformations in all areas of your life





You are the creator of your life



The 20 qualities of an alive relationship



Your inner power



The experience of being understood



Your's origins


Collection ONE X

A journey to the source of being




Self-esteem - Relationships

Clarify the Self 





It is the result of over 40 years of direct work with people by different researchers of the truth.

This lengthy process began in the United States of America in the early seventies of the last century for education

and research on human potential. Frank Natale and his collaborators initially undertook the work.

The methodology results from Frank's experience as the clinical director of Phoenix House and his work with the most famous researchers in the world: Dederick, Rogers, Perls, Maslow, Moreno, Pilbram, Casriel, and others. The work of deepening and widening of the Training Life Skills was maintained by a series of designated in Europe in the nineties including Apurva Mastinu.


The material and the experience offered have evolved, transforming and updating themselves with the most modern discoveries in the field.

His methodology is based on research and direct experimentation of the theory of the Holonomic Brain, on techniques of Rebirthing and Bonding, on Family Therapy, Training on sensitivity and relaxation, on Primary Therapy,

on group therapy, on Gestalt therapy, on Self-realization, on studies on sensory deprivation and the Psychodrama. This methodology focuses and effectively on the enormously complex field of mind and human behaviour to create an explicit knowledge and direction in the achievement of the objectives chosen and in their implementation. It can bring the individual to a level of profound personal and collective transformation. Today quantum physics and the most recent discoveries in the field of mind and the human brain confirm the path followed over the years by researchers who have contributed to the development of this work.

Training Life Skills is the result of passionate human beings whose primary purpose is to contribute significantly to raising the consciousness of the human being.


Thousands of people have improved their quality of life thanks to seminars and courses of the Training Life Skills conducted by Apurva Mastinu and by Certified Instructors.


Introduction and definitions

Lesson 1


Which way what you reach is determined by your thoughts; Refocus your attention and set a list of goals you truly want to reach.

audio: create & receive (10.50)

Human Lab Emotion exercise



Lesson 2

Your point of view and opinions create your reality; The power of understanding the results cycle, creativity, cause and correction.

audio: create & receive (10.50)

audio: acknowledgement (10.40)

bioenergetics exercises



Lesson 3

How to create a new self-image; perception and the inherent power of choice and commitment.

audio: create & receive (10.50)

audio: acknowledgement (10.40)

Human Lab Body exercises



Lesson 4

What you believe in and how this limits the reaching of your goals; Create collective thought, agreement and results. 

audio: create & receive (10.50)

audio: acknowledgement (10.40)

Human Lab Body exercises 

Active Meditation



Lesson 5

How the realisation of your goals results is more realisation of goals; Break through your limitations.

audio: create & receive (10.50)

audio: acknowledgement (10.40)

Human Lab Body exercise

Movie: what the bleep we are



Lesson 6

Completion creates movement and acknowledgement creates more results; How to accelerate the goals’ cycle.  

audio: create & receive (10.50)

audio: acknowledgement (10.40)

Human Lab Body exercises



Mind/ Med Trainer: Apurva Mastinu

Body Trainer Body: Dott. Arnava Faletti