TORINO - STUDIO UNO, str. tabacci 33


1st. MEETING the 23 of MAY at 9.OO pm

2nd. MEETING the 6 of JUNE at 9.00 pm



for subscriptions and info : 335.1477862 


This seminar is directed to individuals who want to learn more about themselves, their mind, their dynamics, and who feel the need to make necessary changes in their professional or private life.

We will dedicate an entire day to understanding how reality works from a scientific point of view, unlike what we believe it to be.

How to best use our mind and our brain as instruments of consciousness to manifest reality will be covered topics in the course.

What are thoughts and what power they have over our life and creativity will be topics covered in this seminar.
  For over 25 years, Apurva has conducted seminars and training and awareness courses to create a better quality of life, both private and professional. He has collaborated with dozens of companies and institutions both in Italy and abroad and with thousands of people both in a group and individual form.

A list of 10 results will be created, and we will focus our attention and energy on optimising our resources towards our clarified goals. We will use proven techniques and visualisations.


These programs were offered to groups or companies, government agencies, as well as individuals and professionals. Apurva currently conducts courses in Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Brazil.