These trainings are designed to prepare you to lead rituals

and individual session of Soul Hunting 


During the five days of Soul Hunting Training, we will explore the different aspects of this particular shamanic technique able to heal the unresolved traumas of the past that cause us pain, a sense of loss and limitations in our lives. We have doctors for every part of ourselves, body, mind but not for the soul.

Apurva has conducted Shamanism rituals with thousands of people. In over 25 years of teaching, he held hundreds of soul-hunting ceremonies in different countries in Europe and North and South America.

This experience is a very particular path where you can get in touch with your deeper emotions and memories.

The result is a strong sense of integrity and completeness resulting in calm and inner strength.







This ancient shamanic method has immediate value, an efficacy in transforming and heal many personal traumas of the life of each of us. This method can process any injury, major or minor.

Cultural or religious difference is irrelevant to these traumatic experiences, so this is why we find this practice in many cultures around the world. Soul loss creates emotional and psychological distress.

We have doctors for the body, for the heart and the mind, but we have not yet identified valid and straightforward methods to heal our inner spirit when he is afflicted, alienated.

In these cultures, this particular aspect of a spiritual illness is addressed with the practice of soul hunting or also called "soul return", that is, to bring us back or return what we call 

"parts of the soul".